Customer Testimonials

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I received my action and it looked great. It also cycles much better as well. I was very hesitant when buying one of these barrels with the bad luck I have had in the past, I bought a barrel from a big well know barrel maker and the only thing worse than their barrel and customer service was the quality of their gunsmithing…. I thought they had all but ruined a good gun.
I was very excited to get the gun together and I took it out this morning to break in the barrel and sight in the scope. Once I got it on paper I was adjusting turrets to get them zero’d. I shot a few rounds then cleaned and shot a couple groups. The top right group on this page was the last 3 rounds out of the 20 round box. The lines are ½” so I don’t know what size group that is, but it is small!!!
The picture is the groups I shot as I was dialing everything in. (the other groups aren’t the best as I was mostly checking to make sure the scope was close, and a couple random flyiers where I turned the turret the wrong direction). This is shooting factory Hornady ammo.
I’m impressed!!!! I will be buying more barrels from you in the future. The quality of work is top notch, the quick turnaround is awesome, and to top it off you have the best prices. I will tell everyone I know about Crown Ridge Barrels as this has been the best experience I could imagine!
Thank you again as I cannot express how happy I am to have my gun back.
I don't have a closer group handy, but I attached a picture of my last group @ ~400yards. I suspect that if I had a good scope, rangefinder, and windage; the group would be much closer. Super happy with how it shoots, the finish on the chamber and crown are exactly what I wanted. I'm planning an FT-R 308 build in the future, and will be using Crown Ridge Barrel Works when it comes to the barrel. Have told my buddies and would recommend to anyone looking for quality gunsmithing. 5 stars!
Happy thanksgiving! 3 shots at a 100 after break in with my loads . 175 grain hpbt sierra matchking
44 grains imr 4064 . I’m very impressed with this barrel and your work . That was only fifteen rounds total . And those groups are with a warm barrel. 3 shot groups prone shooting off of a bag and bipod . Sub groups ! Touching can’t beat that . Going to the range and shoot from 200 out to 800 let you know .
New results today, 140gr Hornady ELDm & 42.3gr. RL16 & 2.830 COAL. Last 2 shots on the outside because of shifting
1st 3 in the center.

I got this barrel for my 700 short action and immediately was impressed with the quality and workmanship. The rifling looks better than any other match barrel that I’ve ever seen. After sighting in, this barrel was already grouping sub moa, and I now shoot half moa groups @ 100 yards REGULARLY!!
After seeing my barrel, my Father soon ordered a 6Br from Crown Ridge Barrel Works, and it shot its first half moa group on the first outing. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the work and will be recommending this company to anyone wanting a sub moa gun. Great work Anthony, and thank you!

J. Franklin

Quality barrel and quality service. Ordered barrel on Saturday, Anthony called on Sunday, shipped on Monday, delivered on Wednesday. Shot it the following Monday. 36 break-in/sighting rounds, cleaned, 1 shot fouling round followed by a 0.31″ three-shot group. Additionally, he cut to my desired length and threaded the barrel for a suppressor. Simply outstanding.

M. Jaurena

Very Happy with my 27″ 300 PRC barrel, Received in less than a week. After a brief load development, wqs shooting .5 moa. Anthony is very helpful with questions. I just ordered my second barrel so I will be sending another review soon!

N. Ramey

Received Remington 700 bolt back from being spiral fluted??? Beautiful work, perfection!!!! Thanks, CRBW!!!!


Grade a 110% happy with my 22 Creedmoor barrel Anthony is great to work with he has emailed me personally several times my 22 Creedmoor will shoot 5 shoot 1” or smaller group at 500yds

D. Fewins

Put this on a stiller tac308 action and it shoots .3″ with factory Hornady 108 eldm and 103 eldx ammo. Awesome work brother!

K. Geary

I ordered a 20″ 6.5 Creedmoor for my son. It shoots absolutely awesome .5 moa during barrel break-in and after 15rds of break-in, it cleans extremely quick. There was a small issue with the muzzle threads BUT Anthony was very quick to remedy the problem and all is good in the world. My son is SO HAPPY with it. Will be ordering again soon.

J. Wood

This is my third barrel from Crown Ridge and it is a legitimate 1/4 MOA barrel. I posted 200 yard group pictures on Crown Ridge’s Facebook page as proof. These Benchmark’s are the best barrel for the money!

A. Buchan

I just finished putting one of these on a M700 and bedded it McMIllan A5 stock. At 200 yards it’s a legit 3 shot, single hole (.235″) shooter with 57.0 grains of Retumbo under a 140 Grain Nosler RDF. Everything else I shot during the break-in was less than 1″ at 200 yards. Great barrel for the money!

A. Buchan

Finally had a chance to install my new 6mm CM barrel chambered by Anthony. After 80 break-in rounds this thing is giving me 2’s and 3’s consistently! Thank you Anthony for a perfectly chambered barrel.

J. Lucas
I don't know what kind of Voodoo magic you do at your shop, but I'm telling you, your barrels are the best, most consistent  I've ever had. Aside from all the 6.5's I've gotten from you that shoot excellent, this .223 barrel you spun me is unbelievable. I'm honestly beginning to think it is an elusive "hummer barrel" as they call them. It just shoots anything I put through it, period!!!!!!
 This past weekend, I was able to take 8th place out of 40 shooters in a long range match, shooting at distances of 400, 600, 800 and 1000 yards in 6 to 12 mph full value winds. There was a host of 6mm and 6.5 mm rifles sitting behind me on the score list. People were asking me how in the hell a .223 shoots like that at those distances and those conditions. I passed your name and your business around to several individuals at the match. One guy who shot with us, I know, plans on ordering a barrel, or he may have already ordered it last night.

I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I, personally, am a 100% a believer in the quality of your products as again, I've had several of them, and they have all been phenomenal. I hope all is well with you during the new year, and I'll be contacting you again when I'm needing a new hammer to thread onto an action.

R. Smith Kentucky