Bergara, X-Caliber, Chambered to order


X-Caliber, Rem/Age finished barrel. You choose from one of our blanks in stock, in caliber of your choice. Choose a reamer from our list. We stock mostly #20 Sendero, MTU, and #4 tapers at this time. Twist fluted blanks will be $120 add from the services listing.  You choose the muzzle threads or not threaded, and the finished length. Includes chambering, and threaded of breach, and muzzle crown and threaded 5/8-24, “Rem/Age” style. You can add a blended spiral brake also, in addition to the total cost. Custom order blanks require 50% deposit, lead times are 6-8 weeks for X-Caliber, and longer for Benchmark. In stock blanks usually ship 3-5 days after your order, at this time.

Contact us for in-stock blank availability, and custom order blanks

Please note: Barrel nuts in the pictures or other accessories pictured are for example only and do not come included in the listed price. They can be purchased separately from accessories.


Bergara, X-Caliber, reamer or caliber of your choice. Now you can get a caliber for your Bergara that they may not offer!  Choose a reamer from our list and a barrel blank. We carry mostly, Sendero, MTU, and some #4 tapers, in the popular calibers.

Comes with the muzzle threaded or not threaded, finished length from 16″ – 27″.  You will be given an opportunity to leave instructions at checkout. Custom order blanks are usually a 6-8 week lead time. Please leave specific instructions. Rifle make (Bergara), barrel taper, twist, length, threaded or not threaded.


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