Rem/Age,Benchmark, Chambered to order


Benchmark, Rem/Age or Savage, finished barrel. In a caliber of your choice. Choose a reamer from our list.  You choose the muzzle threaded or not threaded, and the finished length. Includes chambering, and threaded  breach, and muzzle crown and threaded 5/8-24.  We can order blanks with your specs ( taper, twist, length), lead times are 12+ weeks for Benchmark. In stock blanks usually ship 3-5 days after your order, at this time, we carry a limited supply of 6mm, and 6.5mm blanks.

Contact us for in-stock blank availability, and custom order blanks

Please note: Barrel nuts in the pictures or other accessories pictured are for example only and do not come included in the listed price. They can be purchased separately from accessories.


Rem/Age, or Savage, Benchmark premium blank, reamer or caliber of your choice. Choose a reamer from our list and a barrel blank. We carry a few Benchmark blanks in 6mm and 6.5mm. We can order whatever you need, lead times are around 12 weeks, muzzle threaded or not threaded, finished length. You will be given an opportunity to leave instructions at checkout. Custom order blanks are usually a 12+ weeks lead time. Please leave specific instructions. Rifle make (rem700), barrel taper, twist, length, threaded or not threaded.


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