Axiom, 6 Creedmoor, 7.5T, KRG Bravo, Shilen


This is a new complete rifle ready for your next PRS match. Featuring a Curtis Custom Axiom action, a Shilen Match 7 twist, 4 groove, ratchet rifled barrel in Heavy Varmint taper, 26″ long, muzzle threaded 5/8-24, chambered in 25 Creedmoor in a shouldered setup no barrel nut. The picture shows shots 6-10. There was a scope adjust after shot 6, with the following 4 shots printing well under 1/2″ MOA. This is with the Berger 135 Hybrid @ 2850fps. More load development would tighten groups even more. I can share load data with purchaser. It also comes with slightly used Arken Gen 2 6-24 scope and rings. We have included one of our new 4 port Crown Ridge self timing muzzle brakes. It has a Trigger Tech primary trigger, and a KRG Bravo stock. ┬áNeed a different caliber let us know. I also have new heavy Varmint shouldered 6 Creedmoor Shilen 7.5 twist, if interested. We have blanks in stock for 6XC, 6 Creed, 6.5 Creed, and more. As always free shipping. You will need to send us a copy of your dealers FFL before shipping.



This is a new unfired 6 Creedmoor, in Shilen Match, Light Varmint taper, 4 groove ratchet. It is shouldered style. Comes as pictured, Curtis Custom Axiom Right Hand, 20MOA rail, Trigger Tech primary, 5 round mag. KRG Bravo chassis, our 4 port SS brake, Arken 6-24 SH4 scope. Will need FFL to ship. Christmas special.


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