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About Us

I’ve been a hunter since I was old enough to follow my dad around.  Also, since a young age I loved to shoot, not necessarily competitively, but just for the fun of it. All this led me to have my first custom rifle built. Any of you who have done this know the drill.  Order the receiver . . . wait, order the barrel . .  wait, order the stock . . . wait, usually at least 6 months.  Then try to find a smith and wait some more.  If you’re lucky you might have your rifle complete and ready to shoot in 9-12 months, maybe more.

This led me to learn to do it myself.  My dad was a machinist by profession and I have always loved to reload, build things and tinker always in an effort to improve. Crown Ridge Barrel Works is the result of all this. I believe we offer some of the most concentric chambers on the market today. 

My goal is to bring my customers a quality product at a reasonable price without the long wait. We are X-Caliber and Shilen dealers and we stock 350 + barrel blanks in popular calibers and twist rates, enabling us to deliver in-stock barrels in an expedited fashion. 

We are also MDT, XLR and AG Composite dealers.  Contact us with your complete rifle build questions.

I look forward to enabling your shooting needs.

Anthony Ward, Owner
Crown Ridge Barrel Works