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I just wanted to pass along that the .223 match chamber barrel I recently purchased from you took home a first place finish in a recent, local, 1000 yard prone match in the 223 class.
Aside from winning the 223 class, I was also able to place in the top 10 out of 40 shooters in open class, competing against calibers from 6mm to .30 cal.
Can’t say enough about the accuracy and performance of your barrels. Everyone I’ve had has been excellent in all calibers I’ve had.
Travis S.
I don't know what kind of Voodoo magic you do at your shop, but I'm telling you, your barrels are the best, most consistent  I've ever had. Aside from all the 6.5's I've gotten from you that shoot excellent, this .223 barrel you spun me is unbelievable. I'm honestly beginning to think it is an elusive "hummer barrel" as they call them. It just shoots anything I put through it, period!!!!!!
 This past weekend, I was able to take 8th place out of 40 shooters in a long range match, shooting at distances of 400, 600, 800 and 1000 yards in 6 to 12 mph full value winds. There was a host of 6mm and 6.5 mm rifles sitting behind me on the score list. People were asking me how in the hell a .223 shoots like that at those distances and those conditions. I passed your name and your business around to several individuals at the match. One guy who shot with us, I know, plans on ordering a barrel, or he may have already ordered it last night.

I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I, personally, am a 100% a believer in the quality of your products as again, I've had several of them, and they have all been phenomenal. I hope all is well with you during the new year, and I'll be contacting you again when I'm needing a new hammer to thread onto an action.

       R Smith

Anthony helped me pick out a Benchmark barrel with a Sendero taper for my 6 GT. The threaded bolt handle, the spiraled bolt, and the blended muzzle brake added functionality and Aesthetics. A 5 shot group under .25" early into the load work up was a great reward.
Thanks Anthony
Brad O.

Extremely pleased with our Remage conversion barrel! I ordered another one!

Jason B.