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Crown Ridge Barrel Works

Crown Ridge Barrel Works Barrel Fluting

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Pre-fit barrels are usually twist fluted, because we do not know where they will clock when the customer headspaces their barrel. We offer 6 and 8 groove twist flutes in 540 degrees ( 1.5 wraps) and 720 degrees ( 2 wraps).  Smaller tapers are usually always done in 6 flutes, with larger tapers, i.e. Sendero and MTU are done in either 6 or 8 flutes. The 720 will remove the most weight simply because it makes 2 full rotations around the barrel. The shorter the barrel, the tighter the rotation or wrap will appear. We do offer straight flutes but cannot be sure they will clock correctly on pre-fits. If a customer ships their action in, or sends their own barrel marked with the 12 o-clock position that will work for straight flutes.

Note: Recommend customers ship via UPS to ensure delivery to our door.  Please include a copy of your order inside packaging. 

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